Energy Internet (EI)
of the Future

Vefes is on a mission to democratize renewable energy by unifying one and all to create a digital network known as Energy Internet(EI) of power producers & consumers.

Be ready for a future where an intelligent energy network does highly complex dynamic orchestration process involving million, billion units of power to ensure uninterrupted flow of affordable renewable electricity.

Nation’s first digital
solution to EI

Our App brings along a paradigm shift in energy management method, it empowers users to digitally connect with EI, sale or purchase renewable power and take ownership of their energy production and demands.

Peer to Peer
Energy Sale
Renewable Power
Meta Data at
Your Fingertips
A.I Power

Pushing the Envelope of Technology Development With EI.

How do we meet our nation’s growing demand for Cleaner, Safer and more Efficient power?

We believe the answer lies in Technology. And as a Power Technology company, we strive to deliver Highest Efficiency Solutions today and pave the path for Net-zero tomorrow.


reduction in transmission losses


accurate monthly energy predictions


live power monitoring


additional power optimisation savings


Our first EI empowered solar power plant livania shall herald a new dawn of optimised Solar power in India.

Over 200 years ago power revolutionized industry. Now it is digital’s time to revolutionize power
~ General Eletric